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Joining Forces Initiative.

Medical schools announce the:

Joining Forces Initiative

Quick summary: Med schools are making a commitment to enhance medical education to ensure that challenges faced by military service members, veterans & families are not completely foreign to physicians in training.

I wonder how the schools plan to do this.  My school prides itself on it’s cultural sensitivity and such but oddly enough, I never heard anything related to military populations unless it was recruiting or a trauma lecture given by a military student.

My advisors, for the most part, had to be honest & tell me that they really couldn’t help me too much as they had little to no clue about military scholarships, residencies or life though many of them are former military docs.  Its certainly gotten better over the last several years that I’ve been in school as far as availability of information with the different branches & acceptance by classmates but there’s room for improvement still & many hard at work on it.  (a thank you extended to those working on that front)

With more and more medical students pursuing military scholarships and training I anticipate that education, advising and knowledge about military life and the needs of the many populations affected by military life will get better. Hopefully those who pursue military medical training will follow many of our mentors into mentoring or educating not only the students following us into service but those who travel with us in medicine as well.

Happy Trails.