Embarking …

If you follow this blog no doubt you’ve noticed a few changes: the name, color patterns, profile, …

This is because a new journey has begun.  I recently graduated from medical school and am beginning my internship year.  I am interning in Internal Medicine and plan to pursue a GMO position with the navy next year & then return in the future to complete my residency training. (What’s a GMO?  http://militarymedicine.com/gmo – except for the “gatekeeper” part I agree.)

With a new phase of life, a new journey, a new title: An Officer & A Nut.  On a previous rotation at a military hospital I was party to an attendings “scolding” of a new intern who had “turned over” a patient to a senior nurse rather than waiting on this other physician and being late to another engagement. The attending said emphatically something along these lines: “NO NO NO, Turn-overs must be doctor to doctor, nut to nut, NUT to NUT!” half the people in the reporting lecture hall just could not stifle the laugh that this wording elicited.  You see Navy nurses’ specialty insignia is an oak leaf while Navy physicians’ is an oak leaf with an acorn in the middle, affectionately termed here as a ‘nut’. (Take a look at the dentists’ insignia sometime.) http://www.navy.mil/navydata/ranks/officers/specialty-staff/spclstaff.html


About Femme Sans Frontières

I'm an MD with many passions: medicine, travel, family, action & good fun.

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