First Day at Hospital

Today we went to Coastal Provincial General Hospital, the second largest hospital in Kenya.

I’ve never been around or in a ‘third world’ hospital before and neither had Brian so it was very interesting.  3 floors with multiple buildings connected with covered outdoor corridors, etc. Total of ~ 700-ish beds. The minor trauma/procedural ER area was enclosed and without a breathe of air – therefore so very incredibly HOT!  The Wards are like a very long open room with windows on both sides and about 25 stationary (not mechanical) beds plus several in an outside (river-facing) patio.

A cultural quirk we encountered today was “the whispering”.  Generally people do not speak very loudly and during rounds, especially with about 15 other medical students it’s absolutely impossible to hear any of it.

The pathology in just one general ward was amazing. We saw:

  • TB,
  • HIV,
  • Sepsis,
  • “CCF”= Congestive Cardiac Failure – in US C-Heart-F,
  • Elephantiasis,
  • Lymphadenopathy the size & shape of lemons,
  • Anasarca (REALLY bad swelling and third-spacing of fluid outside of the veins),
  • Ascites that was so bad that the umbilicus inverted and stuck out like a balloon about 5 inches from the swollen belly,
  • Cerebral Palsy,
  • Upper GI Bleed
  • Encephalitis.

Patients & patient’s families supplied food and water, there was almost no-one on IV fluids and the blood drawn for labs were handed to the family member to bring to the lab themselves.

More updates to come.

teaser: Monkey’s like skittles.


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