Hello World!

Let’s jump right into it then shall we?

Hi! This is the first ‘post’ in my new ‘blog’ … see I’m picking up the lingo already (with a glance of “I am using that right, right?).

>So why am I doing this?

Part of me answers: “Beats me, sorry for interrupting your life – just go back about your business, I’ll clean it up. (lol)

But in truth I think it revolves around this: Lots of different people keep saying that I should write a book.  Typically this comes after I’ve told them one or more of MANY fantastic stories in my repertoire. Often it is accompanied with “you’ve done so many neat things and in a short lifetime” and then some phrase implying guilt or waste if I should not directly adhere to their advise forthwith.

While this reason, and the comments that spur it, make me feel terribly self-concious when I hear them, writing them here makes me feel like a self-promoting “donkey” which is probably worse. (No offense to all you loud donkeys in the audience. You’re great! I just don’t have the vocal chords or the complexion for that.)

However, back to the original question, I’m writing a blog here  in-leau of a ‘book’ because I hate writing (ironic I know) so I guess this is a way to do it without actually doing it. Plus this seems more potentially interactive and I’m really into that!

>You’re practically a kid M, what could you possibly have to talk about or even actually say?!

Well I agree with most of that. I still require the figurative pulling by the ear, kicking and screaming into parts of ‘growing-up’, though on a very rare occasion.

You know what I mean right? You’re there facing something you really don’t want to do and you parent calls, after some discussion it’s “This is part of growing up Mr or Miss   insert FULL_Legal_Name here .”.  In other words, a nice version of when your parent had to grab your hysterical kid-self by some painful or embarrassing means and drag you back into the doctor’s office to get your “shots”.  (No wonder they save the ten-at-a-time for 7th grade.)

Despite this, I have done quite a bit and seen even more through circumstances and opportunity.

I’ve travelled a lot:


49 of 50 states & lots of foreign countries. Medical Missions combines many of my passions so I enjoy and participate in that when I can.



I have been in Construction, Education, Medicine & the Navy.  So I’ve observed, intervened, listened, created, done, assisted, witnessed, delivered, pronounced,written, informed, ‘coded’ and many many other verbs. And am still ambitious to take on even more verbs such as: fly, evacuate, marathon (kind of a non-verb verb), climb (more stuff), prescribe (on my own some day), etc.

I have marked this blog as PG because while I don’t intend on bringing up things that are terribly graphic – much of my daily life is, so it may spill over.  Plus children under 12 probably don’t want to be reading this anyway.

Summary: Good things to look forward to.


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About Femme Sans Frontières

I'm an MD with many passions: medicine, travel, family, action & good fun.

One response to “Hello World!”

  1. Anna says :

    Fun! I can’t wait to hear more about your life and travels. I’ve wanted to visit every state, but it’s not happening fast enough for my taste. Going to have to hit the gas pedal, literally and figuratively. Good luck with being a new blogger – you’ll do wonderfully 🙂

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